#Electionfood 2012 - Eating with CNN's Finest Political Reporters

Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for — the country will choose its next president. Beginning at 6pm EST, two dozen of CNN’s finest anchors and reporters will be deployed across the country reporting into the network’s Election Night in America coverage. And no doubt, the nonstop campaign coverage up until this moment has left everyone hungry — a problem, no matter who wins tonight, Delight Gluten-Free Magazine can solve.

Inspired by CNN’s hardworking anchors, we’ve created a series of gluten-free recipes to satisfy every election night craving. So whether you’re in the mood for Wolf Blintzes, Candied Crowley Apples or a lovely Gloria Bourguignon, follow the #electionfood hashtag on Twitter for culinary inspiration all night long. And, don't forget to tune in to CNN for up to the minute election details!

Now on to the recipes!

Wolf Blintzes: Inspired by CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer, our Wolf Blintzes with golden pears and herbed ricotta are the perfect election night treat.

Gloria Bourguignon: Inspired by CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger, this classic Gloria Bourguignon is flavored with herbs, red wine and veal stock. 

Don Lemon Gingersnap Cheesecake: Inspired by CNN Anchor Don Lemon, our Don Lemon Gingersnap Cheesecake is a tangy election night treat. 

Candied Crowley Caramel Covered Apples with Roasted Peanuts: Inspired by CNN Anchor Candy Crowley, our Candied Crowley Caramel Covered Apples are the perfect fall compliment to a crisp November election night.

Anderson Cookies: Inspired by CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper, these orange-scented Anderson Cookies make a great mid-election night nosh.

Erin Burnt Pumpkin Custard: Inspired by CNN Anchor Erin Burnett, our Erin Burnt Pumpkin Custard satisfies that pumpkin craving with an extra election night crunch.

John Chicken ala King: Inspired by CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, this John Chicken a la King is an election night crowd pleaser.

Dana Bashed Potatoes: Inspired by CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash, our Dana Bashed Potatoes make a simple, savory election night side dish.

Ali Mushroom Veloute with Beef Tenderloin: Inspired by CNN Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi, our Ali Mushroom Veloute with Beef Tenderloin is a warm and hearty main course for your election night bash!

Paul Bagels and Lox: Inspired by CNN Democratic Strategist Paul Begala, our Paul Bagels and Lox are a family-friendly morning after election breakfast!

Roland Martini: Inspired by CNN political commentator Roland Martin, this sweet caramel apple Roland Martini is a sinful election night aperitif.

Chai Ban-Ana Navarro Bread: Inspired by CNN Republican commentator Ana Navarro, this savory sweet spiced Chai Ban-Ana Navarro Bread is a simple and satisfying election night treat. 


3 comments (Add your own)

1. Sngrdncr wrote:
I'll be bringing "Landslide" Lemon Bars, Peanut Butter "Bi-Carter-san" Pie and Chocolate Coverd "Steven Col-berries" to our election night party. =)

Tue, November 6, 2012 @ 1:21 PM

2. Alma Whitsell wrote:
I don't have time to try all of these things before tonight, but, they all sound

Tue, November 6, 2012 @ 1:48 PM

3. Marc wrote:
Got it! Thanks a lot again for heilnpg me out!

Mon, November 19, 2012 @ 2:23 AM

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